Stellar Vendor Award

Stellar Vendor Award Guidelines, Procedures and ProtocolEach year, all chapters are encouraged to select a worthy nominee. The Association Executive Board then reviews each Chapter’s nominees, and a deserving individual is selected for the award by a secret ballot vote by the Executive Board. The Stellar Vendor is the Associations most prestigious award that can be bestowed on a vendor.


Nomination of members should comply with the following qualifications:

  • Shall be a member in good standing that has been in the organization a minimum of ten (10) years.
  • Shall be a member in a sales/management position that is in charge of and responsible for sales and or services to, and encompassing the public works field.
  • Retired members may be nominated.
  • Shall be a member who has demonstrated the ability to lead his/her chapter towards recognition of the organization. Shall be a member who has contributed to or participated in the development of new concepts that have or are benefiting the organization, their respective company or the community as a whole.

Shall be a member who does not discriminate against others and is sensitive in their communications with others.

Named the first recipient of the Stellar Vendor Award in 2014

Norm Hawkins, Hawkins Traffic Safety Supply

To be recognized by MSA has put a smile on Norm's face; he really appreciates it! But, he is disappointed he is unable to see you again. He turned 94 on October 27 and poor health keeps him home.

For our parents, Norm and Rose Hawkins, Traffic Safety wasn't a business; it was their lifetime mission.

For 60 years Norm love

d collaborating with MSA professionals to serve the public. Our family albums are full of photos of mom and dad with many of you, at conferences, luncheons, vendor shows. As we continue the family business, we are grateful to MSA for honoring Norm's enthusiasm and hard work in an industry that has flourished for generations.

Thank you all!

— John Hawkins, Norma Hawkins Flaskerud, Laura Hawkins Tracy


Rob Manriquez, Crafco, Inc.


Joseph Ortega, Precision Concrete Cutting (2021)


Sue Bowman-Wulf, Zumar Industries


Gary Lewis - Crafco, Inc.


Bryan Darling - Crafco, Inc.

Joseph Fouret - Precision Concrete Cutting

Ben Howseman - Dispensing Technology Corp.

Erick Gustafson - Zumar Industries, Inc
Steve Rasmussen - Traffic Management Inc.  (Honorable Mention)

Norm Hawkins - Hawkins Traffic Safety Supplies

The Board of Directors unanimously selected long-time vendor member, Mr. Gary Givens as the Los Angeles and Orange Area Chapter’s nominee for the Stellar Vendor Award. While Gary did not receive the award in 2014, we have all honored with our heartfelt support and in spirit.