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Public Works Specialist Certification Program

To achieve the Public Works Specialist certification you must complete 12 of the 15 classes offered.

To achieve the Public Works Technician certification you must complete 6 of the 15 classes offered.

“Introduction to Public Works” is the prerequisite to all classes.

Tuition is only $85/each online class. This includes tuition, credit card processing fee, and all necessary material.  There are no other costs associated with these courses.

Each student is required to sign a Student Code of Conduct & Scholastic Ethics

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Download MSA Education Brochure

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Education Director: Lory Warren

Phone: (520) 256-2007

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Course Titles & Syllabus
​Prerequisite to all classes:

Other available courses:

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Public Works Specialist Certification Program

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Member Benfits

What to expect from your membership

  • Monthly meetings throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties at various member cities.
  • Periodic newsletters from the Los Angeles and Orange Area Chapter.
  • Monthly to bi-monthly workshops or informational programs.
  • Annual statewide conference with major educational workshops and equipment displays featuring state of the art maintenance products.
  • Regular exchange of ideas, information and experiences.
  • Networking with specialized suppliers of public works equipment, supplies and materials.
  • Participation in scholarship awards to collegiate students demonstrating outstanding leadership and academic achievement.
  • Email notification of upcoming events and employment oppurtunities

MSA sponsored training and certification for field employees, including:

  • Confined Space Training
  • Forklift Certification
  • State Certified Traffic Control Classes
  • Traffic Flagging Certification
  • Basic Supervision
  • Concrete Fundamentals
  • Pavement Maintenance Strategies
  • and much more!

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MSA Education Brochure

New Membership Info*

If you are interested in becoming a new member of the Los Angeles and Orange Area Chapter, please complete the "Membership Application Form" (below) and submit it according to the instructions described on page two of the application.

Link to:
MS Word Application
PDF Application

Board of Directors - 2023


Executive Board

President – Christopher Ortiz, City of El Monte

Vice President – Frank Drevhahl, City of El Monte

Secretary – Marlin Munoz, City of La Mirada

Treasurer – Rob Manriquez, Crafco, Inc.

Past President – Gerard C. Batista, City of Duarte


Hether Flores Lugojanu, Express Air Testing, Inc.

Chris Camacho, City of San Gabriel

Jose Figueroa, South El Monte


Gene Viramontes, City of Fullerton/Huntington Park (Retired)

Directors At-Large

Will Wenz, City of Brea

Michelle Olinger-Jolly, Past President (Retired)

Vendor Representatives

Vendor Representative – April Galindo, Rain For Rent

Alternate Vendor Representative – Omar Rodriguez, Crafco

Executive Board Members

Los Angeles and Orange Area Chapter - Representatives

Board Delegate – Gerard C. Batista, City of Duarte

Alternate Board Delegate – Alfredo Onate, City of Bell Gardens

Vendor Representatives - South

Executive Board Vendor Rep – Rob Manriquez, Crafco, Inc.

Alternate Executive Board Vendor Rep – Vacant, to be filled 


Stellar Vendor Award

Stellar Vendor Award Guidelines, Procedures and Protocol

Each year, all chapters are encouraged to select a worthy nominee. The Association Executive Board then reviews each Chapter’s nominees, and a deserving individual is selected for the award by a secret ballot vote by the Executive Board. The Stellar Vendor is the Associations most prestigious award that can be bestowed on a vendor.  


Nomination of members should comply with the following qualifications:

  • Shall be a member in good standing that has been in the organization a minimum of ten (10) years.
  • Shall be a member in a sales/management position that is in charge of and responsible for sales and or services to, and encompassing the public works field.
  • Retired members may be nominated.
  • Shall be a member who has demonstrated the ability to lead his/her chapter towards recognition of the organization. Shall be a member who has contributed to or participated in the development of new concepts that have or are benefiting the organization, their respective company or the community as a whole.

Shall be a member who does not discriminate against others and is sensitive in their communications with others.

Named the first recipient of the Stellar Vendor Award in 2014

Norm Hawkins, Hawkins Traffic Safety Supply

To be recognized by MSA has put a smile on Norm's face; he really appreciates it! But, he is disappointed he is unable to see you again. He turned 94 on October 27 and poor health keeps him home.

For our parents, Norm and Rose Hawkins, Traffic Safety wasn't a business; it was their lifetime mission.

For 60 years Norm love

d collaborating with MSA professionals to serve the public. Our family albums are full of photos of mom and dad with many of you, at conferences, luncheons, vendor shows. As we continue the family business, we are grateful to MSA for honoring Norm's enthusiasm and hard work in an industry that has flourished for generations.

Thank you all!

— John Hawkins, Norma Hawkins Flaskerud, Laura Hawkins Tracy


Joseph Ortega, Precision Concrete Cutting (2021)




Gary Lewis - Crafco, Inc.


Bryan Darling - Crafco, Inc.

Joseph Fouret - Precision Concrete Cutting

Ben Howseman - Dispensing Technology Corp.

Erick Gustafson - Zumar Industries, Inc
Steve Rasmussen - Traffic Management Inc.  (Honorable Mention)

Norm Hawkins - Hawkins Traffic Safety Supplies

The Board of Directors unanimously selected long-time vendor member, Mr. Gary Givens as the Los Angeles and Orange Area Chapter’s nominee for the Stellar Vendor Award. While Gary did not receive the award in 2014, we have all honored with our heartfelt support and in spirit.

What is the MSA?

The Maintenance Superintendents Association (MSA) is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of the public. This is accomplished by fostering the dissemination of knowledge and experience pertaining to the operation and maintenance of public facilities among it's membership. The Los Angeles and Orange Area Chapter, which includes both respective counties in their entirety, totals over 250 members. Memberships are comprised of public agency supervisors, superintendents, managers, directors, staff, salespersons, and vendors of equipment, materials and services.

Who should join the MSA?

Any local, county, state, public utility employee or supervisor, and officers or employees of a firm, partnership or corporation which have an interest in the field of public works.

Why join the MSA?

  • Provide members an opportunity to work together to achieve better cooperation, communication, and efficiency for problem solving and procedures.
  • Provides a forum to share knowledge and experience and to provide technical training and information for the maintenance professional to allow them to become more efficient and effective.
  • Provide knowledge and understanding of national, state, regional, and local government problems, issues and opportunities.
  • Offers training and information related to increased professional skills.
  • Products and services provided by the private sector or vendor members help solve problems as related to the field of maintenance.

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Past Presidents

 Some individuals are born to be leaders while others are born through challenges and adversity. In either case, the MSA has truly been blessed with many individuals that were willing to accept the challenges associated with the esteemed position of President of the Los Angeles and Orange Area Chapter, formerly known as the Los Angeles Chapter. Prior to being known as the MSA, the chapter was the SSMA, which stood for the Street Superintendents and Maintenance Association.

Between 1962 and 2020 our chapter has proudly served the Los Angeles and Orange County areas with 54 chapter presidents. We proudly list the names of these individuals and the agency or business name where they were employed at the time of their term as president.

2022 : Gerard Batista; City of San Gabriel
2021 : Alfredo Onate, City of Bell Gardens
2020 : Gerry Lopez, City of San Gabriel
2019 : Patricia Pena, National Plant Services
2018 : Gerry Lopez, City of Buena Park
2017 : Al Cablay, Interwest Consulting Group
2015-16 : Gene Viramontes; City of Fullerton
2014 : Gerard Batista; City of San Gabriel
2012 - 2013 : Michelle Olinger Jolly; Retired
2011 - 2012 : Gerard Batista; City Of Duarte
2011 : Dave Thompson; City Of Arcadia
2009 - 2010 : Robert Moungey; City Of Garden Grove
2006 - 2008 : Dave Thompson; City Of Arcadia
2005 - 2006 : Juan Price; City Of Manhattan Beach
2003 - 2005 : Steve Esbenshade; City Of Duarte
2001 - 2003 : Gene Viramontes; City Of Fullerton
2000 : Bill Raymond; City Of Cerritos
1999 : Keith Jones; City Of Garden Grove
1998 : Dale Dillon; County Of Orange
1997 : William Ornelas; City Of Duarte
1996 : Lou Pedroza; City Of Azusa
1995 : Ken Boyce; City Of Norwalk
1994 : Fullmer Chapman; City Of La Canada
1993 : Louie Vecchione; City Of Anaheim
1992 : William Ault; City Of Fountain Valley
1991 : Alex Casillas, Jr.; City Of Mission Viejo
1990 : Bill Higgins; City Of Brea
1989 : Jim Howell; City Of Garden Grove
1988 : Pat Malloy; City Of Chino
1987 : L.D. Johnson; City Of Laverne
1986 : Bill Whittington; City Of Alhambra
1985 : Bob D'amato; City Of Placentia
1984 : Patrick Mccarron; City Of Brea
1983 : William Huyck; City Of Downey
1982 : Merle Milne; City Of Newport Beach
1981 : Tom Parker; City Of Covina
1980 : Larry Liebeu; City Of Santa Ana
1979 : Perry Turigliatoo; City Of La Mirada
1978 : George Osborne; City Of Riverside
1977 : Phil Studebaker; City Of Santa Fe Springs
1976 : Al Lopez; City Of Seal Beach
1975 : Ray Smith; City Of Glendale
1974 : Earl Fink; City Of Norwalk
1973 : Phillip Angel; City Of Culver City
1972 : James Stilwell; City Of Westminster
1971 : Edwin Welborn; City Of Montebello
1970 : Clem Sculley; City Of Beverly Hills
1969 : Bill Lewis; City Of Anaheim
1968 : Gene Mills; City Of Brea
1967 : Harley Bogart; City Of Costa Mesa
1966 : Martin Pruett; County Of Los Angeles
1965 : Jim Brushnahan; City Of Azusa
1964 : Bill Garrett; Tbd
1963 : Phil Studebaker; City Of Santa Fe Springs
1962 : John Tuttle; Tbd

General Meeting Hosts

General Membership Meetings
2015 through 2022
T&T Show Annual Donations



Scott Givens
(562) 404-8889
Downey, CA


Chapter Vendor Representative


April Galindo
(562) 305-2260 Mobile
Long Beach, CA


Chapter Vendor Representative (Alternate)

Omar Rodriguez
(909) 320-1531 Mobile


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