Upcoming Events

General Meeting | February 14th

Have you ever wondered how bosses prepared and managed to get promoted to their positions? We have the answers and will provide training on “Preparing For Your Next Step In Your Career” at the February general membership meeting. Public Works Supervisor Jerry Moreno and Director of Public Works Sal Mendez will be on hand to speak on the topic “Preparing For Your Next Step In Your Career.” They will be on hand to share their experiences and for a Q&A session at the end of their presentation.

Our host for the February general meeting is MSA Director Marlin Munoz, with the City of La Mirada. The venue is the “Carriage Barn” in La Mirada Neff Historical Park.  The venue address is 14300 San Cristobal Drive. You will want to mark your calendar for this valuable training and networking opportunity.

The registration deadline date is February 10, 2023.




Value of MSA Membership

What are the benefits of being an MSA Member? This question is frequently asked by those employed by public agencies and vendor individuals. Our Chapter has devoted an entire web page that highlights these benefits. In addition, the MSA’s Executive Board has prepared a document that more thoroughly answers this question. Anyone interested in learning more about the benefits of being an MSA member is encouraged to follow the links below.


Chapter Website 

Executive Board Document

Membership Renewal - Late Fee Reinstated

The new membership year for our Chapter began on July 1, 2022, and late fees are due as of October 1, 2022.  Chapter President Gerard Batista has suspended the late through December 1st.  We sincerely hope that you find value in being a member of the Los Angeles and Orange Area Chapter and will renew your membership before the new deadline date.

The membership late fee was reinstated effective December 2, 2022.

Please download the "Membership Application Form" from the links shown below.

The Word form can be completed on your computer.  The handwritten form is a pdf file that you download and complete the old-fashioned way with a pen.


Application - MS Word Format (Complete this application on any computer)

Application - PDF Handwritten

Clayton Trejo Scholarship Award Program - 2023

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for the annual "Clayton Trejo Scholarship Award Program."  The original framers of this award developed the program to give financial aid to students or individuals who have already chosen their college career path to be in the Public Works field.  We encourage you to download and complete the Program application and mail your completed application to Gerard Batista if you fit this description. The application deadline date is June 30, 2023.