Education Committee Planning Meeting (11-10-22)

Message from Education Chairperson, Hether Lugojanu

Hello MSA Supporters: Next week, on November 10th, Thursday we will be hosting a virtual education planning meeting. We are basically looking for all types of speakers for next year's monthly meetings. 

Please go to our website ( to download the form that allows you to submit a topic of presentation, certification, or seminar. Every year we plan the upcoming year's speakers around this time. This is an opportunity to offer Management or development presentations, new technology, updates on regulations, etc. For all Public Works Workers in all divisions that you see helpful. 

We have found you extremely helpful with topics in the past and would love to see your new ideas & participation for this upcoming year. We need your help to ensure our members gain knowledge and benefits from the many years of experience you have to offer. If you can’t make it, please have someone log on and submit your topic for you. You can also forward this information to anyone you think can offer us great training. We are open to all topics of education. 

Feel free to call me or respond to this email with any questions. We truly appreciate your support! We hope to see you next week! Please rsvp, so we have an idea of who to expect and email us your forms in advance if possible. Thanks again. 


Hether Flores Lugojanu
Vice President
Express Air Testing Inc. 
2307 w. Victory Blvd.
Burbank, CA.  91506
Main: 844.846.8466
Mobile: 818.433.2273
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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