July General Meeting & Training

June 12th General Meeting and Training Opportunity

West Coast Arborists (WCA) are hosting the meeting and training at their Anaheim facility.  The title for the training session is "Urban Wood - Why Knot?"  Join us to learn about the national urban wood movement and how California's West Coast Arborists, Inc. is leading the charge to repurpose trees with purpose through their Street Tree Revival recycling program.

John Mahoney is the training instructor. At the intersection of power tools and creativity, John Mahoney found his niche – turning otherwise forgotten urban green waste into dazzling works of art. Born into a family of tree workers, arborists, and creatives, it was no mystery that Big John would find himself carving his own legacy into the Urban Forest just as his dad did before him. Chainsaw carving at the age of 22 John started witnessing the emotional connection people displayed with something that could have so easily become mulch or firewood.

Enveloped in sawdust and entrenched in the competitive beard world, John found himself at a crossroads between one-off artistic ventures and a desire for a greater purpose – to raise awareness of the importance and value of this precious bioresource from its carbon capturing capabilities to its unique, unrivaled beauty. This practice has turned into a mission of salvaged wood stewardship. Today he oversees Street Tree Revival, an Urban Wood Recycling program founded by West Coast Arborists, inc. California’s top tree maintenance and management company for communities that care about trees.


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