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Roadway - Asphalt 101

This training session covers the basics of asphalt education. Starting with asphalt assessment and life expectancy. We will cover the basics of paver operations and paving tips for beginners, the importance of proper compaction, and material ordering options. This session will also include an educational video of paving crew members completing an asphalt patching project. We will finish with an open discussion Q & A. 
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Instructor Mike Ariza's Biography
Mike Araiza has been working at Goldstar Asphalt Products/NPG Asphalt since the summer of 2002. Mike has moved up in his career by starting off as an Estimator, Project Manager, Sales Manager, and now Vice President. He has skills in all aspects of the Asphalt Maintenance, New Construction, and Public Works Industry. These skills include seal coating, crack filling, striping, ADA compliance, asphalt raking, paving, rolling, grading, concrete, material manufacturing, estimating, equipment sales, and project managing. Mike has taken courses in Cal OSHA, ESH, ADA, and Project Management. With 15+years of experience, Mike has the ability to handle all kinds of asphalt and concrete-related situations including problem-solving, writing specifications, and work scopes for HOAs, Commercials, and Industrial and Public Work projects. Mike has also hosted many meets and greets and plant tours. He has become an influential leader to many employees, customers, vendors, property managers, board members, and homeowners.  His philosophy is, “Service sells Jobs” and the more he can educate the customers, managers, property owners, the more they know what to expect with a quality product.

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