Benefits and Highlights of the MSA's Training and Education

Next Tuesday, March 16, 2020, we offer a unique training session entitled "Benefits and Highlights of the MSA's Training and Education." Chapter Vice President Gerard Batista is one of two individuals providing instruction for this session.  He will be speaking on how employees in the Public Works field can improve their chances for promotion at their workplace and the resources available to help develop their careers.  Gerard is a tenured instructor at Citrus College, where he teaches three Public Works related classes.  
We are fortunate to have Lory Warren, MSA Education Director, joining this session to speak on the MSA's Public Works Specialist Certification Program.  As an added benefit, we will have one recent program graduate talking about his experience and the knowledge he gained from the program.
This training session will answer questions like: How do I get started? When is enrollment, and what is required from me to enroll?  Are these classes offered in the evening and virtual settings?

Registration for this class is required.  The registration form is only four-questions, and you complete it online.  Select the "Registration Form" button below to register now.


Virtual Training Class 2-16-21

Free Training Class - Supported by West Coast Arborists

Our chapter is hosting its second monthly virtual training class of 2021.  The one-hour class is entitled "Tree Risk: What do the JPIA and ISA have to say?" and is scheduled for February 16, 2021, between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.  Our presenters are Timothy Crothers, Plant Health Care Manager, West Coast Arborist, and Chris Reyes, Public Works Manager from the City of Monterey Park.

Mr. Crothers provided the following narrative to describe the content for his presentation.
"Our featured presentation this month will be on tree risk and how the Joint Powers Insurance Authority (JPIA) Tree Inspection and Maintenance Policy and the tree industry standards and best practices can help reduce risk and liability.  We will cover ideas such as hazardous trees, risk assessments, using a tree inventory to make informed management decisions, and lowering the number of potentially high-risk trees in the community.  Our members can learn how one LA-area city has proactively and successfully used their inventory data to effectively reduce the number of hazardous trees to single digits." 

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Benefits of a Computerized Maintenance Management System

January 12, 2021 Training Class

MSA Virtual Training Class - FREE

Your Los Angeles and Orange Area Chapter is offering a training class entitled the “Benefits of a Computerized Maintenance Management System, or CMMS.  The trainer for this session is Don Stokes, Maintenance Manager, with the Orange County Sanitation District.  

Class time: 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Don wrote the following narrative to describe the class

I intend to cover the following:
What is CMMS? How can it benefit me? What are the pitfalls of such a system? Learn what a computerized maintenance management system is. Determine if it can benefit your organization in keeping track of required asset maintenance and related activities. Balance manual efforts with a database approach to ensure the right task is performed at the optimal time to keep your assets (both fixed and mobile) functioning reliably for their intended function. Gain insight into common mistakes and assumptions made regarding the use of a CMMS. Learn from common user mistakes and set yourself up for success.

Special Event with Adam Markel

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Free Virtual Zoom Meeting
11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Our Chapter is co-sponsoring an exceptional opportunity with the MSA's Executive Board for our members and has invited the other MSA Chapters to join us at this event.  To accommodate this larger than usual group, we have increased our Zoom capacity to serve 500-participants.  As already mentioned and as a safety measure for our members, this event will be broadcast on Zoom.  

Registration will be required to attend, no exceptions.

We are excited to have a renowned motivational speaker Adam Markel available to speak at our Annual Christmas Luncheon meeting.  Deanna, who works closely with Adam provided a brief blurb on Adam and his organization. 

"Our organization’s success, as well as our own health and well-being, require that we cultivate our ability to become Change-Proof: having the ability to not just ride the waves of change… but to shred them and stay on top for the long ride! Resilience is the foundation. In this dynamic conversation, Adam Markel will recharge your batteries for the new year through his stories and words of inspiration. More importantly, Adam will share powerful strategies, step-by-step processes, and insightful exercises to empower you to find your best, create resilience, and unlock accelerated success for 2021.
Huffington Post’s top speakers to see, Adam Markel is a recognized expert in resilience, reinvention, and the integration of personal and business development. As a #1 WSJ bestselling author and CEO of More Love Media, Markel mentors individuals and businesses around the globe on how to re-imagine, refocus, and capitalize on change in order to thrive in a world where constant disruption is the new normal."


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