What is the MSA?

The Maintenance Superintendents Association (MSA) is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of the public. This is accomplished by fostering the dissemination of knowledge and experience pertaining to the operation and maintenance of public facilities among it's membership. The Los Angeles and Orange Area Chapter, which includes both respective counties in their entirety, totals over 250 members. Memberships are comprised of public agency supervisors, superintendents, managers, directors, staff, salespersons, and vendors of equipment, materials and services.

Who should join the MSA?

Any local, county, state, public utility employee or supervisor, and officers or employees of a firm, partnership or corporation which have an interest in the field of public works.

Why join the MSA?

  • Provide members an opportunity to work together to achieve better cooperation, communication, and efficiency for problem solving and procedures.
  • Provides a forum to share knowledge and experience and to provide technical training and information for the maintenance professional to allow them to become more efficient and effective.
  • Provide knowledge and understanding of national, state, regional, and local government problems, issues and opportunities.
  • Offers training and information related to increased professional skills.
  • Products and services provided by the private sector or vendor members help solve problems as related to the field of maintenance.

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