The Peter Walsh Award

The Peter W. Walsh Award is named in honor of Mr. Peter W. Walsh of Oakland, California, who donated the bronze sculpture to the MSA Executive Board in 1978. The sculpture was both designed and created by world-renowned bronze sculptor Ronald Herron of Helena, Montana. This beautifully handcrafted sculpture depicts the variety of work activities that a Maintenance Superintendent may encounter during the course of an average workday.

The Peter W. Walsh Award is the MSA Executive Board's premier and most prestigious annual award, which is bestowed upon one member from among the various chapters that make up the MSA. Each year, the Board encourages the individual chapters to select a member that best fulfills the established award criteria and to submit a nomination form to the Board for consideration. A Board committee reviews the nominations and the best-qualified and most deserving individual is selected for the award. The highly coveted award is presented by the Executive Board President to the recipient on the last night at the annual conference during the dinner dance.

The established Board criteria for this award include the following:

  • Work History: jobs, length of employment
  • Public Service
  • Service Awards
  • Education
  • Public Career Accomplishments
  • Community Involvement
  • Professional Organizations
  • Service Clubs
  • Commissions
  • Service to the Chapter: length of time, offices held, etc.
  • Personal Background: marital status, children, hobbies, etc.

Past Recipients

2022 : Gerard Batista, City of Duarte
2021 : Rudy Cancio, City of Chula Vista
2020: Randy Carnahan, Santa Barbara County
2019 : Xavier Mendez, City of Montclair
2018: Bill Copeland, City of Livermore, Retired
2017: Carl Valdez; City of Fremont
2016: Tsutomu Imamura; County of San Mateo - Retired
2015: Lyle Waite; City of West Sacramento
2014: Lory Warren; Town of Oro Valley, AZ
2013: Mike Brooks; City of Murrieta
2012 : Bob Morgenstern; City of Goeita
2011: Ken Fischer; City of Corona
2010: Geoff Cobbett; City Of Covina
2009: Jerry Dankbar; City Of Roseville
2008: Jim Howell; City Of Poway
2007: Rick Fulmer; City Of Santa Barbara
2006: Steve Esbenshade; City Of Duarte
2005: George Friedenbach; City Of Santa Clara
2004: Jim Gallegos; City Of Brentwood
2003: Ken Boyce; City Of Carson
2002: Bill Ornelas; City Of Duarte
2001: George Bradley; City Of Lodi
2000: L.D. Johnson; City Of La Verne
1999: Larry Beaver; City Of Pacifica
1998: Fullmer Chapman; City Of La Canada Flintridge
1997: Frank Pedersen; City Of La Mesa
1996: Lyle Swaney; City Of Ventura
1995: Tom Borman; Contra Costa County
1994: Pat Mc Carron; City Of Brea
1993: Jerry Agnelli; County Of Santa Barbara
1992: Ken Haukom; City Of Los Altos
1991: Don Davis; Carson City
1990: Orval Nelson; County Of Tulare
1989: Robert D' Amato; City Of Placentia
1988: Charles W. Leighton; City Of Oxnard
1987: Glenn C. Kerran; Sweetwater Authority
1986: Al Lopez; City Of Seal Beach
1985: Al Codega; City Of Sparks
1984: Wallace Grossi, Jr.; City Of Lompoc
1983: Glen Baltzer; City Of Lodi
1982: Harold Smith; City Of Pleasant Hill
1981: Martin Pruett; Los Angeles County
1980: John Estruth, Jr.; City Of Los Gatos
1979: Bill Berry; City Of Chula Vista
1978: Kent Link; City Of Sacramento